[ Lombok ] Hello Lombok, Hi Rinjani

 photo rinjaniDay1 1_zpsmeaekdh6.jpg
I have return to Lombok Island, and this time i back for the mountain.

 photo rinjaniDay1 2_zpspn2xttxq.jpg
our luggage and our gorup

 photo rinjaniDay1 3_zpsdpn78u82.jpg
and Kelyn Chen is our organizer for this trip. Thanks!

 photo rinjaniDay1 4_zpsuasfqt8p.jpg
let's wait no more, heading to our hotel. look at our luggage... gosh...

 photo rinjaniDay1 6_zps0q2dyugz.jpg
our accommodation....

 photo rinjaniDay1 5_zpszpnhxbuj.jpg
and this is Mount Rinjani, the volcano i'm going to climb tomorrow.

 photo rinjaniDay1 7_zpsryiaczbx.jpg
the guy who explain our hiking journey for the next few days.

 photo rinjaniDay1 9_zps2qo1jxt4.jpg
and this is my room. this room surely rated above 5 star around here.

 photo rinjaniDay1 8_zpsiqsadr3g.jpg
don't believe me?  you can start counting while you doing business in the toilet.. yes... the toilet.

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