[ Sabah ] Leaving Sabah once again... bye bye

 photo lastdayinsabah7_zps044fb119.jpg
here i'm at the Sandakan airport again, waiting for departure

 photo lastdayinsabah4_zps23d27022.jpg
my uncle waiting relaxing....

 photo lastdayinsabah13_zpsdc93225e.jpg
flight is here. ready to depart

 photo lastdayinsabah14_zpsd268d030.jpg
boarded... at the same time.. my camera almost run out of battery.. just about time :)

 photo lastdayinsabah15_zps93fbe3f0.jpg
oh.. and here's the last picture of sabah... the glowing Sandakan :)


[ Sabah ] Meeting with Secondery Schoolmate

 photo lastdayinsabah2_zps790a7242.jpg
still have time to catch up with my secondary schoolmate before leaving Sabah again.


[ Sabah ] Drink Till Flood with Yapp

 photo lastdayinsabah9_zps0f6671bf.jpg
it's late night.. and i went out to yumcha with a friend. very close friend Yapp.

 photo lastdayinsabah10_zps0f5d1bde.jpg
heavy rain.. won't stop us of course. damn long time didn't meet up with him. we changed place after a while due to the rain getting bigger.. better move to somewhere indoor.

 photo lastdayinsabah1_zps6ce6978f.jpg
for the old friend sake. we take a photo to keep.

 photo lastdayinsabah6_zps8d677c6e.jpg
he introduced a beer that i never see before the "Oranjeboom" beer.. he called it Orang Jepun ( Japanese ).

 photo lastdayinsabah8_zpsdac2a4f9.jpg
middle of the conversation... the thunderstorm didn't stop.. but strikes harder and louder each time.. and suddenly.. there is no more electricity ..

 photo lastdayinsabah11_zpsdd034c42.jpg
a while later... i noticed.... the road we came from just now.. had converted into a River... omg... can you imagine how heavy is there rain right now? half of the tire gone.

 photo lastdayinsabah12_zpscf1f592a.jpg
and this is the advantage of driving 4x4 car..

 photo lastdayinsabah3_zpsa441e31a.jpg
few hours later, about 3am.. the rain stop.. and the flash flood also faded.. leaving the road look like a sea surface..  mud and sand everywhere..

 photo lastdayinsabah5_zps7e9fdca2.jpg
oh look, there is a log being carried to the middle of the road. haha, didn't see that coming


[ Sabah ] Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

 photo labukbay1_zps64b34202.jpg
my dad brought us to Labuk Bay. never been to this place when i stay in sandakan.

 photo labukbay2_zps820721fd.jpg
this is a Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. yupes, we come here for monkeys

 photo labukbay3_zpsa36604fc.jpg
what's Proboscis Monkey you ask? this is the Proboscis Monkey.

 photo labukbay4_zps525e5a35.jpg
and there is a lot more monkeys around.. most important. they are superb friendly..

 photo labukbay5_zpsd50d5461.jpg
how friendly? i believe the picture describe it all. they doesn't afraid at all

 photo labukbay6_zps0ba4140d.jpg
and when one monkey come near you.. the rest will just follow...

 photo labukbay7_zpsc1fafea7.jpg
it's not attacking this guys, this just just trying to take a photo of the monkey

 photo labukbay8_zpsa4d9591c.jpg
and i can get a very near shot of the monkey..

 photo labukbay9_zps204679d9.jpg
these monkey just everywhere.

 photo labukbay14_zps245b750c.jpg
and this is where we enjoy watching the monkey from.

 photo labukbay10_zpsfc73d0bc.jpg
let's back to Proboscis Monkey. and these monkey of why we're here.

 photo labukbay11_zps5bcf9059.jpg
Proboscis Monkey family

 photo labukbay12_zpsb4a21ff9.jpg
and we spotted a golden monkey... seem like monkey have golden fur when they are still child. gonna turn black when they grown up

 photo labukbay13_zps74391c3c.jpg
and lucky to meet the Proboscis Monkey monkey feeding time..

 photo labukbay18_zpsbd33a9d6.jpg
it's Proboscis Monkey food time.

 photo labukbay17_zps8dfd7e48.jpg
this is elderly Proboscis Monkey, can tell from it nose

 photo labukbay15_zps6e4996b1.jpg
and this is younger Proboscis Monkey, see the nose different?

 photo labukbay16_zps6382ab9f.jpg
Proboscis Monkey trademark nose.. big~~~~


[ Sabah ] Tree Top Canopy Walk

 photo treehang1_zpsbfbf5bfa.jpg
we going uphill, to canopy walk. yeah, this is the Tree Top Canopy Walk.

 photo treehang2_zpsbabeb34d.jpg
unfortunately.. weather doesn't seem good today. it's raining. but we got ourself covered and continue .

 photo treehang3_zps25fa46de.jpg
we're on the bridge now.

 photo treehang4_zps9f3326f6.jpg
the only thing to hold u up is the Ladder, piece of wood and Net.yes.. NET. and this is how high you're in.
The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks

 photo treehang5_zps8d4efb98.jpg
That's my dad on the tree top hanging bridge.

 photo treehang6_zps29b84bef.jpg
into the jungle.....

 photo treehang7_zps4c106884.jpg
be careful.. it's kinda high up here.

 photo treehang8_zpsd6ca0b0e.jpg
and it join from 1 tree to another tree.

 photo treehang9_zps6fa8f485.jpg
and this is canopy walk is surrounded by nature. i'm loving it.

 photo treehang10_zps590876c4.jpg
this is the rule that must follow. you don't want bad thing happen up here, don't you?

 photo treehang11_zpsf03ef915.jpg
and this is how they tied the bridge on the tree.

 photo treehang12_zps59a55817.jpg
and last... me myself on the bridge :)


[ Sabah ] Morning Scenery at Kinabalu Pine Resort

 photo pine11_zps12fd97e6.jpg
In the morning.. once step out of the door. and this is what i see.

 photo pine3_zps179f3a17.jpg
it's morning.. and let see

 photo pine12_zpsee798b13.jpg
the viewing deck outside restaurant where we had our breakfast

 photo pine13_zpsa593abca.jpg
here, lets camho with my family XD

 photo pine1_zps32a293a5.jpg
the viewing deck outside restaurant.. love this place.

 photo pine2_zpsb48d3531.jpg
arr... mirror~~ just nce. background me and :)

 photo pine4_zpsa70d459d.jpg
same place diff time.

 photo pine5_zpsc485c1af.jpg
this is what i'm talking about.. the Kinabalu Mountain view

 photo pine6_zps7ab99d7e.jpg
another view of the mountain.

 photo pine7_zps630509c2.jpg
there is resort or houses almost anywhere.. and i have no idea where is that.

 photo pine8_zpsaa18847c.jpg
the environment here is not bad.. relaxing.

 photo pine9_zpsf8c4092c.jpg
oh look~ an ancient sun clock.

 photo pine10_zpsa7d95afe.jpg
that's it. one of my favourite resort.

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