[ Sabah ] English Tea House and Restaurant, Sandakan

 photo englishteahouse1_zps7c342ec6.jpg
it's a very hot noon... and we went up to a english tea house . some english legacy buildings.

 photo englishteahouse2_zpsba43219e.jpg
and there are some antiques can be found here. like this telescope.

 photo englishteahouse3_zpseef0de07.jpg
let's order something to filled up.

 photo englishteahouse4_zpsaac5c567.jpg
my mom looking at the menu .

 photo englishteahouse5_zps13e7ad82.jpg
here are the antique Iron and the phone!!! for real.

 photo englishteahouse6_zps022a0878.jpg
that's the water filter. kinda old...

 photo englishteahouse7_zpsb15fe22f.jpg
and loaded with antiques.

 photo englishteahouse8_zpsf5d2af39.jpg
this is the restaurant corner

 photo englishteahouse9_zps4cf85940.jpg
and if you prefer outside.. here is how it look like.

 photo englishteahouse10_zpsa682c11a.jpg
and they have a beautiful garden here.

 photo englishteahouse11_zps4311621b.jpg
here is another corner of the restaurant.

 photo englishteahouse12_zpsf846146e.jpg
the garden view.

 photo englishteahouse13_zps8240b357.jpg
and i ordered their signature Royal Cafe

 photo englishteahouse14_zps18f63379.jpg
group photo with my family :)

 photo englishteahouse15_zps5d210c31.jpg
that;s the English Tea House and Restaurant in Sandakan Sabah, :)
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