[ Sabah ] Morning Scenery at Kinabalu Pine Resort

 photo pine11_zps12fd97e6.jpg
In the morning.. once step out of the door. and this is what i see.

 photo pine3_zps179f3a17.jpg
it's morning.. and let see

 photo pine12_zpsee798b13.jpg
the viewing deck outside restaurant where we had our breakfast

 photo pine13_zpsa593abca.jpg
here, lets camho with my family XD

 photo pine1_zps32a293a5.jpg
the viewing deck outside restaurant.. love this place.

 photo pine2_zpsb48d3531.jpg
arr... mirror~~ just nce. background me and :)

 photo pine4_zpsa70d459d.jpg
same place diff time.

 photo pine5_zpsc485c1af.jpg
this is what i'm talking about.. the Kinabalu Mountain view

 photo pine6_zps7ab99d7e.jpg
another view of the mountain.

 photo pine7_zps630509c2.jpg
there is resort or houses almost anywhere.. and i have no idea where is that.

 photo pine8_zpsaa18847c.jpg
the environment here is not bad.. relaxing.

 photo pine9_zpsf8c4092c.jpg
oh look~ an ancient sun clock.

 photo pine10_zpsa7d95afe.jpg
that's it. one of my favourite resort.

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