[ Sabah ] My Childhood place... Pacific Cocoa

 photo exPCP1_zps7cc1a8c3.jpg
when night fall... we went back to a place.. that i though i have no chance to step in here anymore.. the Pacific Cocoa Plantation.. which now know as Lam Soon Plantation.

 photo exPCP2_zpsbd891f64.jpg
this is the place where i grown up.. i have a lot of my childhood memory here.

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and the old houses still remains there. i used to live in one of these houses.

 photo exPCP4_zpsb34e0703.jpg
most of them place doesn't change or minor change.. but what changed the most? me myself..

 photo exPCP5_zpsda83f04b.jpg
next morning. i can't wait to photograph this place.

 photo exPCP6_zps0f4f8e49.jpg
oh look. the lake still here... one of the hang out place during my childhood.

 photo exPCP7_zpsa1c204b4.jpg
the basketball court.. Sepak takraw Court. volley ball court. okay. multi purpose court. even BBQ here too.

 photo exPCP8_zps2a6d1ea1.jpg
the club house.

 photo exPCP9_zps4de529ba.jpg
inside the club house. nothing changed. even the arrangement.

 photo exPCP10_zps4818f75c.jpg
ahhh,, that the house i used to stay!!

 photo exPCP11_zpsa84db5c3.jpg
my kampung.. hahaha

 photo exPCP12_zps3239ad2b.jpg
Ms Kambeche!! she still here after so many years. so happy to see her again.

 photo exPCP13_zps93be0eed.jpg
that's all, i spend most of my childhood time here.

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