[ Sabah ] Tree Top Canopy Walk

 photo treehang1_zpsbfbf5bfa.jpg
we going uphill, to canopy walk. yeah, this is the Tree Top Canopy Walk.

 photo treehang2_zpsbabeb34d.jpg
unfortunately.. weather doesn't seem good today. it's raining. but we got ourself covered and continue .

 photo treehang3_zps25fa46de.jpg
we're on the bridge now.

 photo treehang4_zps9f3326f6.jpg
the only thing to hold u up is the Ladder, piece of wood and Net.yes.. NET. and this is how high you're in.
The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks

 photo treehang5_zps8d4efb98.jpg
That's my dad on the tree top hanging bridge.

 photo treehang6_zps29b84bef.jpg
into the jungle.....

 photo treehang7_zps4c106884.jpg
be careful.. it's kinda high up here.

 photo treehang8_zpsd6ca0b0e.jpg
and it join from 1 tree to another tree.

 photo treehang9_zps6fa8f485.jpg
and this is canopy walk is surrounded by nature. i'm loving it.

 photo treehang10_zps590876c4.jpg
this is the rule that must follow. you don't want bad thing happen up here, don't you?

 photo treehang11_zpsf03ef915.jpg
and this is how they tied the bridge on the tree.

 photo treehang12_zps59a55817.jpg
and last... me myself on the bridge :)

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