[ Phuket ] Songkran at Bangla Street

 photo songkran 1_zpshhbi2m0i.jpg
it's April 14th, this day is a special day for thailand, and that's the place where i'm heading today.

 photo songkran 2_zpsu5ecj6ic.jpg
and the events is related to this image.. water....

 photo songkran 3_zpshijjkfsj.jpg
just steped out from the airport.. wow? the party already started?

 photo songkran 4_zpsll2mbe8h.jpg
hop on to my taxi and heading to our hotel. along the road.. everyone is WET!

 photo songkran 5_zpsnjqidyph.jpg
you guessed it right! Thailand Water Festival.. also known as SONGKRAN!

 photo songkran 6_zpsyz2nudjm.jpg
it's their New Year Celebration. everyone should get wet. really wet...

 photo songkran 7_zps3wsnrhog.jpg
the whole street is very happening.. water war!

 photo songkran 8_zpsjsxqq0wp.jpg
all kind of water gun can be seen. and almost everyone have one,

 photo songkran 9_zpsvckfaejc.jpg
furhter into the street.. oh gosh.. don't hope you can walk pass in dry conditions.

 photo songkran 10_zpswe8hrjkb.jpg
if you happen to ask why? this is why,, once dry people spotted.. you naturally become everyone target.

 photo songkran 11_zpsix81xoq9.jpg
the advice is.. get wet. stay safe. lol

 photo songkran 12_zpsbudylgvg.jpg
can spot some sexy girl around too. depends on you attack or not to attack.

 photo songkran 13_zpslkzyqims.jpg
shoot shoot shoot and reload! if you do not know. these are ice water.. freezing cold.

 photo songkran 14_zpsmxzr7yt9.jpg
yes! got my weapon loaded and ready. let back into war...

 photo songkran 15_zpsr1o0x3q1.jpg
seem like beach is the safe zone..

 photo songkran 16_zpsyyc9eo0b.jpg
In the evening... the warzone went wild... oh boy....

 photo songkran 17_zps3t8uvser.jpg
attack attack attack!

 photo songkran 18_zpshrmylndc.jpg
rain coat? nvm everyone target the face. that's the weakspot. lol

 photo songkran 19_zpsovdum5mi.jpg
haha. negotiating?

 photo songkran 20_zpsndakhurw.jpg

 photo songkran 21_zpsbq3w0u0h.jpg
tonight this street won't dry.

 photo songkran 22_zpsisrrv1qt.jpg
ang mo came all the way here to enjoy songkran too.

 photo songkran 23_zpshl8k3sad.jpg
ho ho ho, this is what i'm trying to say.. the bullets.. ice cold water.

 photo songkran 24_zpsucqo1tqv.jpg
filled with Freezing cold water.

 photo songkran 25_zpsca6kgkjm.jpg
so you can get this kind of reation when got shot

 photo songkran 26_zpsfeoc5ap7.jpg
in case you got injured, they have Dr Bangla standy for service.. i bet mostly got cold or flu....

 photo songkran 27_zpsjixc4cbu.jpg
holly cow! ops.. porkie!! drink my water!

 photo songkran 28_zpsojmlh9ct.jpg
volunteer to get shot.

 photo songkran 29_zps7gdboxwo.jpg
erm... i not sure what happen. but seem like he made her gone wild.

 photo songkran 30_zpsmpagpjkq.jpg
ops.. under attack!!

 photo songkran 31_zpseaab0z9h.jpg
no gun also can? splash water!!

 photo songkran 32_zpszinqc6t2.jpg
whole street is wet!

 photo songkran 33_zps3k5rysqg.jpg
ma see, no gun! SPLASH!!!

 photo songkran 34_zpsowhnuqun.jpg
that's all for Songkran, really love this event. hope to come here again in the future,

oh, in case you ask.i actually bringing my Sony A77 with SAL16-50 for the entire songkran festival. i also here to test out how well the Weather prooved works. seem like my camera gear survived the Songkran.

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