[ Krabi ] First Day In Krabi @ Thailand

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Hi Krabi~ i'm here~ lol.. initially this is a local island trip, someone we endup here in Krabi @ Thailand.

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Beach~~ Krabi Beach ~

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Ther others side of the beach, hmph.. is that fisherman boat?

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it's our first day in krabi, and we'll explore Krabi beach tomorrow.

 photo krabiday15_zps57f8fbcf.jpg
oh look!! That singlet have attitude, i like it!! i mean the singlet.. not the guy. lol

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we took a transport to reach town for night market. and this seem like a ideal transport.

 photo krabiday17_zps4e27ac0a.jpg
yay yay~ on transport..

 photo krabiday18_zpsd08080ab.jpg
The Cavemen Traffic Lights of Krabi Town

 photo krabiday19_zps667cbe88.jpg
can be spotted in the town of krabi.

 photo krabiday110_zps291f909f.jpg
and here are we at the night market.

 photo krabiday111_zps6c7559c5.jpg
of course.. the main reason why we came here. for their food of course.

 photo krabiday112_zps4c970a99.jpg
dare to try ? unknown snacks.. just hope your stomach able to handle it.

 photo krabiday113_zps6e3e76da.jpg
we stop by a liquor stall.. and what's with the bamboo?

 photo krabiday114_zps4735cc36.jpg
it's the Bamboo Cocktails. let give a try...

 photo krabiday115_zpsecfd4e9c.jpg
here's the Bamboooooo cocktails.

 photo krabiday116_zpsd92866c1.jpg
and of course there is street performer.. this blue-man is photograph friendly

 photo krabiday117_zps7091e14c.jpg
snacks snack snacks... sweep them all home XD

 photo krabiday118_zpsf15735b0.jpg
Cheers~ and we on our way back to our hotel.. while enjoy Thailand beer at the back

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