[ Krabi ] Island Hopping

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early in the morning, we took a van and come to this place..

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we're at jetty. yupe, we're going for island hopping today.

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we are given 30 mins on the island to enjoy around... so..we snorkelling around

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the first island we stop by is called Koh Mai Pai island.

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this place also known as Bamboo Island. i think you can find the reason why it being call as Bamboo island.

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there some distant between the sea and the bamboo's weird..

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on the move~ look at the clear water !

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okay~ we stop by a beach.. try and guess which beach is this.

 photo DSC07006_zps33704f38.jpg
any guess? see anything familiar?

 photo DSC07007_zpsd3acb3c2.jpg
it's almost surrounded by mountains... just a tiny opener to go out.

 photo DSC07013_zpsf209b660.jpg
the Traditional Thai boat?

 photo DSC07018_zpsc2e671c5.jpg
all these are done by mother of nature.. so cool

 photo DSC07047_zps73f886e8.jpg
more wooden boat

 photo DSC07048_zpsb149b956.jpg
i would say this place is heavily crowded..

 photo DSC07053_zps03271c54.jpg
everyone came here for the amazing scenery. just breath taking.

 photo DSC07081_zps631b17df.jpg
since i'm here. must take a photos :p

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That's me and Law, my secondary schoolmate.

 photo DSC07093_zps7b986a02.jpg
the view from the Rock

 photo DSC07103_zps8f2d8176.jpg
i just love the view form up here.

 photo DSC07105_zpsca50f02e.jpg
another side from the rock

 photo DSC07121_zpsf607d6c9.jpg
swim~ swim~ swim~

 photo DSC07128_zps1c181836.jpg
oh... i forgotten to mentioned.. this place is called Maya Bay.

 photo DSC07137_zpsf9813c92.jpg
and then... we proceed On The Move again.

 photo DSC07147_zps977f38c9.jpg
groupie~~ hey!! where am i?

 photo DSC07153_zps393e93e3.jpg

 photo DSC07190_zps8ec9dc41.jpg
some kind of old Bay? rest place?

 photo DSC07216_zpscd7521ab.jpg
after that they brought us to some place.. can't remember the name... and we starting to snorkeling

 photo DSC07219_zps936913a7.jpg
the fishes here? see for yourself, you can hand catch it ,

 photo DSC07234_zps2f7a89ff.jpg
snorkeling is fun!

 photo DSC07268_zps51feeadc.jpg
trying to capture water and island in a picture.. i did it

 photo DSC07299_zpsc626389b.jpg
i just love the water clarity here. seem like the fish float in the mid air.

 photo DSC07337_zps6d99e2cb.jpg
did i say LUNCH TIME? this is what happen when u carried fish food into water. you glad they are not Piranha.

 photo DSC07359_zps8b30afdb.jpg
and there is amazing coral under the sea.

 photo DSC07447_zpsb4cf49e4.jpg
here fishie fishie fishie

 photo DSC07384_zpsfdce3e3b.jpg
swim swim swim

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back to beach, have a rest and let's call it a day. :)

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